Fitness Gear to Help You Stay Healthy While Travelling


Wearable, packable, do–it–all gadgets.

Hidrate Spark smart water bottle
  1. Water bottle Are you staying hydrated on that long–haul flight? This smart bottle (Hidrate, $55, radiates a gentle glow when it’s time for a sip. It records fluid intake and syncs results to a phone or fitness tracker.

December 20, 2019
A silver, pink and black version of the Motiv ring
  1. Ring Renew your workout vows: This discreet gadget looks like minimalist jewellery (Motiv, $140, Motiv), but also records steps, calories burned and heart rate.

A heart-rate sensor by Polar attached to a grey armband
  1. Heart–rate sensor Attach this sensor ($100, Polar) to an armband or swimming goggles, then pair it with the companion app for a personalized heart rate–based training routine.

Under Armour running shoes with built-in Bluetooth
  1. Running shoes Stay the course with these connected sneakers ($180, Under Armour). Their embedded Bluetooth modules pair with the MapMyRun app to track progress after smartphone–free workouts.

The Fitbit Versa 2 with white band
  1. Watch This is the smartwatch ($250, Fitbit) for time–zone–hopping frequent flyers. Monitor how long you spend in various stages of sleep – perfect for adjusting your body clock after that eight–hour red–eye to Europe.