Inside the Carry On of Artist Sarain Fox

The Toronto–based Anishinaabekwe artist, activist and TV host opens her bag before a trip to Whitehorse to speak at the Blue Feather Music Festival.

December 2, 2019
A FujiFilm digital camera with a floral strap
A camo backback

Camera My camera has been around the world with me, from the frontlines of Indigenous resistance to weekend getaways. My niece did the strap beadwork and gave it to me when I started filming Rise on Viceland.

Backpack In my heart, I’ll always be a country girl. My camo backpack reminds me of packing up for long hikes in the woods. I’m never homesick when I bring reminders of who I am.

A satchel with badges stitched on that contains a first aid kit

First aid kit This pack contains pins and traditional medicines like sage, which serve as ways in which I symbolically and physically take care of my spirit and my space.

A white and metal reusable Yeti cup
Brown and black moccasins with a red flower design

Reusable cup I’m obsessed with my Yeti tumbler. Hot drinks stay hot for hours, and it helps me in my quest to never use single–use cups again.

Moccasins This pair of moccasins from Cree artisan Roberta Anderson represents my homelands. I bring them to wear inflight and on the ground, as well as extra pairs to gift anytime I visit a new territory.