Serge Ibaka’s Guide to Toronto —

From a post–game meal to a night on the town.


“One of the things I fell in love with about Toronto is that you meet people from different places,” says Toronto Raptor (and our November cover star) Serge Ibaka. “There are so many different cultures here – that’s what makes Toronto beautiful.” We sat down with the NBA Champion to talk about the best restaurants in Toronto and where in the Six he loves to go for a meal.

enRoute What are your favourite places to eat in Toronto?

Serge Ibaka Some nights when we have a great win and I have a great game, I might feel like going out with my friends just to enjoy food. I have a few favourite spots. Rol San is open late, so after a game it’s easy to go out there to eat and have fun and not think about healthy food.

The second spot I like to go a lot is Cactus Club Cafe. It’s close to where I live, so I can just walk there and eat. They have good food and a great vibe. Sometimes on the weekend I like to go out to STK.

November 26, 2019
A portrait of Serge Ibaka holding a glass

ER Where is the best place to get Congolese food in Toronto?

SI My favourite place to go eat Congolese food in Toronto is called Ma Yvé. It’s 45 minutes from downtown where I live. That’s where I go to get the best Congolese food. I don’t eat Congolese food every day because I have to stay healthy. I mean Congolese food is good, but it’s too good to be good, you know what I mean? It’s just too good.

ER What do you love about living in Toronto?

SI You know, I just love Toronto. Toronto is my home now. It’s something I will never forget. Come on, man, I just won my first NBA championship in Toronto! This is never gonna go away. I feel like I’m part of this country, so I feel like I’m one of the people here.

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