4 Sustainable Travel Products for 2019

Ditch the plastic on your next trip with these snazzy eating and drinking tools.

November 30, 2018
Corkcircle travel cup
  1. To–go cup Sip your latte like a local with this 355–ml travel tumbler ($38, Well) that keeps beverages hot for three hours and cold for nine.

Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks beside carrying case
  1. Travel chopsticks Eat sushi – or a salad, or bowl of ramen – anywhere: These bamboo and stainless steel chopsticks ($51, Altitude Sports) come apart and fit into a handy carrying case.

Four gold coloured Viski angled straws
  1. Stainless steel straws While the anti–plastic–straw movement is gaining momentum, the single–use sippers ($25 per set of 4, Cocktail Emporium) still find their way into drinks. Have your own reusable one at the ready, in an eye–catching gold colour to boot.

Black & Blum Box Appetit Sandwich Box with wooden top
  1. Two–in–one container Fill this bento–style container ($40, Indigo) with anything you might like to munch on the go, from a sandwich to trail mix to cheese and charcuterie. Bonus: the lid doubles as a cutting board for prepping or serving your spread.