How to Find Luck and Love in Bermuda


Located just off the southeast coast of the United States in the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a popular destination for vacationers looking for a sunny escape on pink sand beaches. Along with stunning scenery, Bermuda boasts some fascinating architectural features; one of the most intriguing is the moongate – a series of architectural gateways that have become one of the island’s national symbols.

With over 40 moongates found throughout Bermuda, the now–familiar structures draw in visitors from near and far. The first moongate appeared in Bermuda in the mid–19th century when a sea captain was inspired to re–create the gate he saw in the gardens and doorways of nobles in China during his travels. After returning home, he used limestone from the island to construct his own moongate in the garden of his home. It wasn’t until 1924 that the first public moongate was constructed at the Bermudiana Hotel where the Duke of Westminster’s landscape architect included one in the design of the building’s grounds.

Over the years, as Bermuda became a popular destination for honeymooners, a new belief emerged: if lovers walk through the gate while holding hands, they will find eternal love and happiness. Today, they serve as a symbol of good fortune and a popular backdrop for photos. We’ve scouted out five moongates around Bermuda to find luck and love – and to make a few wishes on your next trip.

July 13, 2020
   Video: Caleigh Alleyne
Aerial view of a Horseshoe Bay beach in Bermuda
Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda.   Photo: Bermuda Tourism
  1. Bermuda Botanical Gardens —

    The Bermuda Botanical Gardens are 36 acres of lush foliage open from sunrise to sunset, with a moongate located at the entrance. If you have a bit of extra time, pop into the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art located in the northeast corner of the garden.

A moongate in Somers Garden in Bermuda
Elbow Beach Resort and Spa, Bermuda.   Photo: Bermuda Tourism
  1. Somers Garden —

    The UNESCO World Heritage town of St. George was the first English settlement in Bermuda. The nearby gardens were named after Sir George Somers, the founder of Bermuda, and are a popular spot for wedding photos because of the foliage and ornate moongate.

The moongate in the courtyard of the Hamilton Princess in Bermuda
The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club, Bermuda.   Photo: Caleigh Alleyne
  1. The Hamilton Princess Hotel & Beach Club —

    The Hamilton Princess is best known for its pink facade and the famous collection of artwork that lines the hallways. A contemporary moongate stands in the courtyard beside the in–house restaurant Marcus’ by Chef Marcus Samuelsson.

A gated moongate at the Queen Elizabeth Park in Bermuda
Queen Elizabeth Park, Bermuda.   Photo: Caleigh Alleyne
  1. Queen Elizabeth Park —

    As you enter Queen Elizabeth Park (off Par–la–Ville Road in downtown Hamilton) you will pass through Bermuda’s oldest limestone moongate. The park is home to the Bermuda National Library and the Bermuda Historical Society where you can often find locals enjoying their lunch under a shady tree.

The moongate at the Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa in Bermuda is surrounded by foliage
Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa, Bermuda.   Photo: Bermuda Tourism
  1. Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa —

    Situated on the westernmost point of Bermuda, Cambridge Beaches is known for having the best sunsets on the island. The moongate at the entrance welcomes visitors during their stay in one of the resort’s charming pink cottages.