The Best Drive–In Movie Theatres Across Canada


Are you looking for a Covid–friendly way to have a movie night? Grab some popcorn because drive–in movie theatres are making a comeback this summer.

If streaming services aren’t giving you the full movie experience, we recommend heading to the nearest drive‑in. Not only are they a great way to catch your favourite flicks, but they’re socially distanced, too! Whether you’re a classics fan or you want to see the latest blockbusters, pack some blankets, grab some snacks and check out one of these nine drive‑ins this summer.

May 13, 2021
Photo of a drive-in screen showing the movies Grease
Big Island Drive–in.   Photo: Dawn Hlady

Big Island Drive–In | Manitoba

  • Status: Opening Spring 2021

  • Big Island Drive–In has been operating in Northern Manitoba since 1957 and now has a few Covid–friendly adjustments such, mandatory masks and a max of 10 people in the concession. Take advantage of its mobile concession delivery because Big Island’s offerings are worth the drive, with options like stuffed jalapeño, mozzarella cheese pretzels and Oreo churros.

5 Drive–In | Ontario

  • Status: Opening Post–Lockdown

  • Oakville’s 5 Drive–In is one of five across the province owned by the Premier Theatre chain, and they aim to open as soon as lockdown lifts. They first opened in 1964 with a single screen; nowadays they have three. Ready for a movie marathon? The 5 Drive–In plays triple features on certain weekends, showing everything from family–friendly films to horror classics.

Photo of cars in a drive-in entrance at night with neons displaying pannels
Ciné–Parc Saint–Eustache.   Photo: Ciné-Parc Saint-Eustache

Ciné–Parc Saint–Eustache | Quebec

  • Status: Opening Post–Lockdown

  • Ciné–Parc Saint–Eustache is the largest drive–in theatre in Canada, boasting five operating screens and a capacity of 3,300 cars! This drive–in also happens to be one of the most established in the country, with a flea market nearby – it’s the perfect place to take the family once the lockdown is over.

Twilight Drive–In | British Columbia

  • Status: Currently Open

  • Located in Aldergrove, the Twilight Drive–In, which opened in 2005, prides itself on being the only drive–in movie theatre in the Metro Vancouver area, and one of a small handful operating in British Columbia. The Twilight Drive–In is currently open, and visitors can expect a show regardless of the pandemic. Due to Covid restrictions, however, they’re limited to a 50–car capacity.

Arial photo of a drive-in where cars are parked in front of the screen
Sussex Drive–In.   Photo: Tyler Warren Ellis

Sussex Drive–In | New Brunswick

  • Status: Opening May 2021

  • The Sussex Drive–In, located in New Brunswick, hosts a variety of events like festivals, fireworks and concerts, as well as their usual movie nights starting this May on the weekends. They have a canteen on site, but occasionally invite food trucks to the grounds to satisfy all your snacking needs.

Moonlight Movies Drive–In | Saskatchewan

  • Status: Currently Open

  • Moonlight Movies Drive–In is currently open and operating nine km from Regina in Pilot Butte. It’s a traditional–style drive–in with a permanent screen – meaning that you can see a moive, regardless of the weather. And don’t forget to visit their ‘Moonlight Munchies’ stand where you can get all the movie night classics: popcorn, nachos, candy and more.

A photo of cars aligned in front of a movie screen on a drive in at night
Valley Drive–In.   Photo: Dave Schaffner

Valley Drive–In | Nova Scotia

  • Status: Opening Post–Lockdown

  • The Valley Drive–In is a 1950s–esque, single–screen drive–in theatre, with a 400–car capacity, that operates on the weekends in all weather and will be opening to the public once lockdown ends. They offer an on–site canteen with a variety of traditional theatre food perfect for movie night, and with the funds from their concession sales they give back to the community through charitable donations.

High River’s Sunset Drive–In | Alberta

  • Status: Opening May 2021

  • High River’s Sunset Drive–In season starts on May 14. Instead of a concession stand, you'll find a variety of on–site food trucks. Located in Southern Alberta, High River’s Sunset Drive–In is a not–for–profit project that donates a portion of its profits to approved local charities.

A day photo of alligned parked cars on a drive-in field
Brackley Drive–in.   Photo: Jeremy Boyle

Brackley Drive–In | Prince Edward Island

  • Status: Currently Open

  • Located in Brackley Beach, the Brackley Drive–In first opened in the mid 1950s and is one of only a handful of drive–ins still operating in the Maritimes. It projects onto a huge screen, more than 5 stories from the ground and 23 metres wide. Step back in time through the many classic elements on display including a vintage Coca–Cola machine, jukebox and 1950s Morris Miner car.