7 Very Long Videos to Make You Feel Like You’re Travelling Again


If you wish you could take an epic journey somewhere at the moment, you’re not alone. These long, slow videos of journeys in trains, planes, boats and hot–air–balloons (and one space station) are a soothing way to mimic that experience of leaving home for a while.

April 20, 2020

  1. Book a one–way ticket into Scandinavia’s deep north —

    Do you have some time to kill? Take a seat on the Nordland Line, Norway’s longest rail journey. At just under 10–hours in duration, this train ride offers a front–row seat as it sets off from Trondheim on the west coast to Bodo, venturing north beyond the Arctic Circle through 729 kilometres of stunning scenery including fjords, forests and mountains.

  1. Cruise Past Greenland’s coastal islands —

    Embrace solitude on a three–hour voyage on the Arctic Umiaq Line. The perfect antidote to cabin fever: you’ll feel about as far away from your house as you possibly can be. The trip takes in West Greenland’s brooding, remote glacial topography, as the ferry sails from the tiny fishing villages of Maniitsoq to Kangaamiut.

  1. Fly with Air Canada from CDG to YUL —

    An Air Canada flight from Paris Charles–de–Gaulle to Montreal–Trudeau is the chance we’ve been waiting for to stare out the window of a Boeing 777 from 35,000 feet. The uninterrupted footage from this five–and–a–half–hour route over the Atlantic reminds us just how nice it will feel to be on board an airplane again.

  1. Hop on Chicago’s Red Line L Train —

    Get the big city commuter experience and ride Chicago’s oldest and busiest L Train line. The trip starts at 95th/Dan Ryan station and travels the full 42 kilometres north through “the Loop” before ending at Howard station to the north of the city. The Chicago Transit Authority’s Ride the Rails series features a collection of real–time train rides on the city’s eight rail lines from the perspective of a train operator.

  1. Orbit Earth in 4K —

    If leaving the house isn’t enough, you could always leave the planet. This is your chance to peer out the window of the International Space Station and marvel at the beauty of the fragile blue sphere we call home. By combining 9,966 time–lapse photographs taken on a single day from 400 kilometres above Earth’s surface, this stunning 4K footage appears as if it were captured in real–time, taking you on a full orbit cycling through day and night in just 92 minutes.

  1. Float above the Prairies —

    Who knew it would be so calming to gently drift with the wind above a Canadian landscape? Take off from Red Deer, Alberta and discover all that the eye can see on a hot air balloon cruising above the flat–out beautiful Canadian Prairies.

  1. Set off on an early morning adventure on Bangladesh’s railroads —

    You can almost feel the dense tropical humidity. This train journey begins at sunrise in Dewanganj in rural northern Bangladesh and follows a six–hour route to the bustling megacity of Dhaka. Gaze out the window as you pass rice paddy fields and enjoy being a passive observer of agricultural village life.

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