Raise the Bar with These Suitcase–Friendly Cocktail Supplies


Take happy hour to new heights: With this travel cocktail gear, a Moscow mule or margarita will always be mere moments away, no matter where you land.

September 17, 2020
The Porter Glass in Mint, Cream, Blush, Slate and Charcoal
  1. Travel glasses —

    The first step to ensuring that a cocktail is possible anywhere, anytime is a sturdy, totable tumbler – like these made from durable, heat–resistant glass with protective silicone exteriors and easy–sip lids. Porter Glasses, US$25 each

Split Tree Cocktail & Soda Mix in Black Currant, Lavender Lemon, Ginger Vanilla and Sour Mix
  1. Liquid cocktail mixes —

    Using fresh lemon, lavender flowers, rhubarb, mint and more, Ottawa–based Split Tree Cocktail Co. bottles up bright cordials to add to sodas and spirits – try the Sour Mix with gin and club soda for an instant Tom Collins. Cocktail and Soda Mix Gift Box, $25 (4 x 60 ml bottles)

Four vials of Token bitters in Canadian inspired flavours next to their box
  1. Bitters —

    Add a dash of Canadiana to your libation when you’re far from home: This four–pack of mini bottles from Edmonton–based Token Bitters includes Montreal Maple, Saskatoon’s Berry, Muskoka Smoke and Stampede Caesar. Token Bitters Flavours of Canada set, $36 (4 x 15 ml bottles)

Bronze coloured tin containing a W&P carry on cocktail kit in Moscow Mule flavour
  1. Inflight kit —

    This tin is filled with goods to elevate your refreshments at 35,000 feet – simply add the small–batch ginger syrup to your club soda and vodka using the 1/2–ounce jigger, give it a stir with the travel–size bar spoon, pop it on the fancy linen coaster and you’ve got a mid–flight Moscow mule. Carry On Cocktail Kit The Moscow Mule, US$24

A round container of Leisuremann’s Old Fashioned Cocktail Mix in powder format
  1. Powder cocktail mixes —

    With these drink crystals comprised of fruit and bitters powders, an old–fashioned, daiquiri or cosmopolitan has never been simpler to stir up: Just combine with water and your spirit of choice and it’s tipple time. Leisuremann’s Cocktail Mixes, $16 each