This Travel Fitness Gear Lets You Take Your Workout with You


Compact, lightweight finds, including resistance bands and smart swim goggles.

Form Smart Swim Goggles
  1. Goggles —

    No more counting laps in your head at the hotel pool: These smart goggles display real–time stats, like distance swum and calories burned, right on the anti–fog lenses. Form Smart Swim Goggles, $262

December 1, 2020
Navy blue Under Armour Sportsmask
  1. Mask —

    Hit the fitness centre safely in this mask specially designed for training, complete with a water–resistant outer shell, cooling inner lining and snug yet breathable fit. UA Sportsmask, $35

Black and white marble double rollers in mini format
  1. Foam roller —

    Target tight muscles after a strenuous workout (or long travel day) with this two–in–one roller. Keep the pieces together to massage your arms and legs; pull out the firmer inner roller to release tension in your back. Lululemon Double Roller Mini, $38

Gaiam Restore Self-Guided Strength & Flexibility Kit
  1. Resistance bands —

    These light, medium and heavy bands are all you need for a simple hotel–room workout. Just follow the illustrated moves printed right on them – no apps or videos required. Gaiam Restore Self–Guided Strength & Flexibility Kit, $20

The B Mat Traveller in navy blue
  1. Mat —

    This super–grippy rubber mat from Toronto–based B Yoga is two millimetres thick, weighs just 1.4 kilograms and folds up as easily as a pair of jeans. The B Mat Traveller, $60