What to Buy for the Travel–Obsessed People in Your Life

Give the gift of smarter, more efficient and eco–friendly travel with these on–the–go must–haves.

November 26, 2019


This chic travel blanket ($220, Volprivé) makes any airplane seat nap–ready. Made of 100% extra–fine merino wool, the blanket is large enough to wrap around your body, but packs into a reusable bag that attaches to your luggage.

Gym bag essentials

A must for travellers who never stray from their fitness routines, this water–resistant kit ($66, Lululemon) includes deodorant, dry shampoo, cool–down body lotion and lip balm, all carry–on friendly at 72 ml or less.

Smart backpack

This stylish backpack ($135, Nordace) includes secret pockets (to stow your valuables), a USB charging port (to power on the go), padded laptop compartment, luggage strap (for securing on your carry–on bag) and water bottle slot (for easy access).

Hat holder

Hats are some of the best travel accessories – whether you’re on the beach in a big floppy hat or dining alfresco in a wide brim fedora on the Amalfi coast – but they’re notoriously tricky to pack. Enter this stylish leather hat clip ($48, TopTote) that attaches to a luggage handle or tote. No scrunching and stuffing, and your hat is at the ready as soon as you step out of the Arrivals gate.

Ostrich Go travel pillow

Travel Pillow

A cousin of the Internet–famous Ostrich pillow (the “immersive napping pillow”), this sleeker, lower–profile Ostrich GO travel pillow ($79, Ostrich) is perfectly suited for all of your in–flight snoozing needs. The memory foam core supports your head and neck, while the removeable sleeve provides a soft sleeping surface.

Heated eye mask

If you’re sensitive to light from the alarm clock in your hotel room or your seat mate’s reading light, you know how important it is to travel with a sleep mask. This gently heated mask ($29.99, Pavoscreen) relieves migraines, dry eyes and sinus pressure.

Luggage tracker

This sleek baggage tag ($45, Away x Tile) lets you track your bag (with the help of a smartphone app), whether it’s already on the carousel or waiting for you at the gate.

enRoute’s essential travel kit

Our editors created a collection of game–changing essentials that stays packed and ready to pop into your bag for any journey, from a universal travel adapter to a collapsible cup (with packets of good instant coffee) and a sleek, affordable electric toothbrush.

Self–cleaning water bottle

This insulated, rechargeable water bottle ($125, Indigo) purifies water and cleans its inner surface, thanks to a powerful UV light. It’s as close as you’ll get to having a genie in a (water) bottle.


Lightweight, waterproof and equipped with an ergonomic handgrip, the Oasis e–reader ($330, Amazon) ticks all the boxes for those who love to unwind with a good book and a bubble bath after a day of sightseeing.

Kids’ rain jacket

Weather is unpredictable, and so are children. Be prepared for any situation with this rain jacket ($100, Hunter) that is not only water–resistant and lightweight, but also highly packable: when the rain lets up, fold the coat into the bag that is concealed in the neck seam and pop it into your day bag or carry–on.

Reusable straw

Sip in style (and with a clean conscience) with an adjustable, stainless steel straw ($16.99, Cocktail Emporium). The portable straw comes in a carrying case that is small enough to slip into a purse or coat pocket and includes a brush for on–the–go cleaning.

Pocket camera

Capture highlights (and outtakes) from your travels with a Pixel 4 (starting at $999, Google). Equipped with a state–of–the–art camera that includes Night Sight, better outdoor photo captures and even motion blurred photos, the phone also includes an upgrade to the voice–activated Google Assistant and Motion Sense, which allows you use hand gestures to, say, skip a song. This one is so good, you might want to file it under “Gifts for self.”