Best Board Games for Travel Lovers


Even when we’re not travelling, there’s nothing stopping us from learning about all the destinations on our bucket list. So gather around the table and take a trip around the world picking up brain–teasing souvenirs and engaging in a little healthy competition along the way – with our favourite travel–themed board games.

January 6, 2021
The box for board game Scrabble National Parks
  1. Scrabble: National Parks —

    For outdoorsy types, this special edition of Scrabble encourages players to put their national parks knowledge to use by stringing together nature–related words – from bear to adventure. More than 20 bonus cards are included to increase the challenge and further test players’ skills. We love that a portion of every purchase goes toward the U.S. National Park Foundation to support the restoration and preservation of these American treasures.
    Players: Two to four

The board game Ticket to Ride ready to play
  1. Ticket to Ride —

    Ticket to Ride is a cross–country train adventure where players attempt to collect and build train cars that let them claim railway routes connecting various cities around the world. There are different versions of the game including The Heart of Africa, Nordic Countries and the very timely Stay at Home, where the train routes connect to different nooks in the house from the kitchen sink to dad’s chair.
    Players: Two to five

The box for the board game Where in the World
  1. Where in the World —

    Put your geography knowledge to the test while playing Where in the World. This educational board game starts by asking players to familiarize themselves with the countries on the board and advances by testing them on the population, religion, monetary units and major exports of each country. The purpose of the game is to create a communicative approach to learning geography with a competitive edge.
    Players: Two to six

The box for the board game Azul
  1. Azul —

    Travel back in time to the 1500s when King Manuel I of Portugal discovered stunningly ornate Moorish tiles on a trip to the Alhambra Palace in southern Spain. Upon returning to Portugal, he asks the players of the game to decorate his palace with the same awe–inspiring azulejos (originally white and blue ceramic tiles). Points are awarded based on how players place their tiles and deducted for wasting supplies. The player with the most points wins King Manuel’s praise.
    Players: Two to four

The box for the board game Globe Runner
  1. Globe Runner —

    This board game is an adventurous race through every country in the world with a learn–as–you–go style as players answer multiple–choice questions to reach the next destination. Players may get lost in the Sahara, cross the International Dateline or embark on a journey to the treacherous Cape Horn in Chile’s Tierra del Fuego. The first around the world wins.
    Players: Two to six

The box for the board game 7 Wonders
  1. 7 Wonders —

    Set in the ancient world, each player is a leader of one of the seven great cities. The objective of the game is to draw the highest cards that will provide resources, build your city and construct an architectural wonder for future generations of your civilization.
    Players: Three to seven

The box for the board game Sagrada
  1. Sagrada —

    Players become artisans competing to create the most dazzling stained–glass window in Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia Cathedral over ten rounds. Points are accumulated based on how skilfully players place the colourful dice in their window while following the rules and regulations of the game.
    Players: One to four

The board game Passport to Culture ready to play
  1. Passport to Culture —

    Get cultured with this trivia–style game that includes topics like geography, social studies, anthropology, religion and traditions. With 60 cultural scenarios and more than 300 passport question cards, the object of the game is to get the most stamps on your passport, while learning useful and quirky facts along the way. For example: Did you know that China’s national sport is table tennis and it is called ping pang in Chinese?
    Players: Two to six

The box for the board game Deep Blue
  1. Deep Blue —

    For those who prefer to play at sea, this fast–paced underwater treasure hunt is for you. The objective of Deep Blue is to gain the most victory points by completing immersive dives down to the ocean floor and carrying treasures to your boat. You can’t join all the dives so you must carefully consider which will be the most lucrative.
    Players: Two to five