Why You Should Crowdsource Your Next Camping Trip —

Social adventuring platforms make it easy to camp out anywhere.

Mountains surrounding a lake.

Where Hunt for mussels on New Zealand’s South Island, hike to Crescent Falls in Alberta or sea kayak in Dubrovnik – these are just a few of the adventures you’ll discover through the Outbound Collective, a website that crowdsources outdoor experiences around the world. The platform encourages users to share their favourite local spots and post travel tips, all in the name of creating a global hub for everyday explorers. It also aggregates tour operators and lodging options, making it easy to sort your trip in one stop. Why “In order to unlock the potential for exploration anywhere in the world, you need localized expertise,” says co–founder and CEO Brian Heifferon. “And the only way to access that kind of knowledge is to build a community.” Where else Bordeaux–based Yescapa is paving the way for European road trips, connecting travellers with camper–van and RV owners, so you can hit the road in a 1970s Volkswagen in Marseille or a motorhome in Glasgow. And Tentrr sets up fully equipped campsites (queen bed and wood stove included) across the United States with the help of private landowners who share a slice of their natural paradise, from meadows in Vermont to California redwood groves.