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Anaïs Favron Talks Post–Pandemic Travel and Mental Health



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In 2023, the actress and radio and television host – and spokesperson for the Fondation des jeunes de la DPJ, which supports children under the care of Quebec’s Director of Youth Protection and promotes mental health – added another line to her resumé with the publication of Les carnets de voyages d’Anaïs Favron. The collection takes readers on an extended journey, with stories from around the world and advice for every kind of explorer. Known for her spirit of adventure even as a child, she made her first trip at the age of four to visit her grandparents in Orlando, where she was frightened by the Disney mascots. At 20, she was living in Brussels, travelling Europe and touring Asia, where she fell in love with Japan. Last fall, she embarked on her first post–pandemic trip, flying to New Zealand on her Aeroplan points.

enRoute How do you stay calm and balanced in your busy life?

Anaïs Favron Travel is really the key: It’s what helps me get away from everyday life. In Montreal, I always have a lot going on, but even the process of planning and researching airplane ticket prices, cities and apartments gives me a sense of escape.

ER Why is mental health advocacy important to you?

AF The more we talk about mental health, the less we struggle with these types of problems. Open dialogues help to put things into perspective and make mental health issues less taboo. When I experienced postpartum depression, I didn’t know what it was because no one was talking about it. It’s not easy to open up, but it helps a lot of people.

April 26, 2024

“When you want to travel, the nicest problem, if there is one, is deciding where to go. The world is huge, cultures are as varied as the climate and there’s beauty everywhere.”

ER What is your secret travel talent?

AF I find it useful to read blogs by expats. They tend to see a city or a country through the eyes of someone who wasn’t born there, but who has developed a routine and habits. Also, before I arrive, I study the city map so that I have a clear mental image. I look for the local monuments and note places I want to visit, like restaurants, shops and museums. Once I arrive, I know my way around, as though I’ve been there before.

ER Best meal you’ve ever had on a trip?

AF In Atami, a spa town an hour from Tokyo where the onsens overlook the sea, breakfast is quite the spectacle. Meals include a mini miso soup, shrimp toast, a small omelette and, always, sashimi.

Anaïs Favron in a rain slicker crouching on a rock in front of a waterfall on a rainy day

ER Favourite Quebec road trip?

AF I like to head to Charlevoix and the Côte–Nord region, then cross the St. Lawrence by ferry and return along the south shore. I love picking up marinated mushrooms from Charlevoix, sipping a beer at Microbrasserie St–Pancrace in Baie–Comeau, eating at Colombe St–Pierre’s summer canteen in Bic and shopping at Jardin du Bedeau, a gourmet grocery store run by Marie–Fleur St–Pierre and Christian Bégin in Kamouraska.

ER How do you earn most of your Aeroplan points?

AF Since I have a passion for travel, I got an Aeroplan credit card. I use it throughout the year for all my purchases, and professional and personal expenses.

13,501: Number of Aeroplan members who redeemed points to fly to New Zealand or Australia in 2023. 

Bright signage covers the facades of buildings at night in Tokyo
Tokyo   Photo: Pat Krupa

The Questionnaire

  • Window or aisle? Window.

  • Favourite destination? Japan is my favourite destination. I’ve already been there three times, and I’d go back any time. The people, the cleanliness, the food, the trains, the subway… I think Japan is the perfect society. I could live there.

  • Favourite souvenir? On every trip, I bring back a few kitchen items: I have a little ceramic coffee spoon from Budapest that I use every morning, some dishware from Vietnam, and knives that I use every day, which I had made in Japan.

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