Canada’s Best New Restaurants – The Top 10

1 – Arvi, Quebec City

A trio of foie gras, brioche and birch

2 – Como Taperia, Vancouver

Clams in vermouth, Iberico chorizo and other tapas

3 – Donna's, Toronto

Whole, oven-baked sole in a harissa- and chili-reddened butter sauce with toasted hazelnuts

4 – Pluvio Restaurant + Rooms, Ucluelet, British Columbia

Pluvio Restaurant + Rooms

5 – Nowhere *A Restaurant, Victoria, British Columbia

Cane-sugar-marinated sole with sweet and spicy sauces

7 – Wayfarer Oyster House, Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Oysters on the half shell, lemon, horseradish, mignonette (and a drop of Scotch)

8 – Pastel, Montreal, Quebec

Two of Pastel's chefs

9 – Dispatch, St. Catharines, Ontario

A bartender preparing a cocktail

10 – Ten, Toronto, Ontario

Peaches caramelized and served with chamomile, frozen cookie dough and toasted peanuts