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Coming in spring 2022, Canada’s Best New Cookbook is a round‑up of the most memorable dishes uncovered by Air Canada enRoute over two decades of searching the country for great meals. This collector’s item – a collaboration with Destination Canada – marries flavours and stories from across our country’s vibrant restaurant scene, with truly great Canadian recipes from Canada’s best chefs.

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November 5, 2021

Discover More Food Stories from across the Country

Nova Scotia

Wolfville Farmers’ Market’s WFM2Go unboxes its future.
By Pay Chen

Along with the just‑picked carrots and cucumbers, hometown pride was on display at Nova Scotia’s Wolfville Farmers’ Market last spring. When Covid‑19 forced retailers to shut down, small businesses had to scramble to find alternative ways to reach their community. But the local market was ready.

The “to‑go” version of the market had launched in 2017 to give farmers a way to reach locals who couldn’t make it to the weekly market. Before Covid‑19, WFM2Go averaged about 60 online orders a week, but that shot up to over 600 at the peak of the pandemic, and the number of vendors more than doubled.

Wolfville Farmers’ Market
Illustration by Jorge De la Paz

With orders flooding in, the small WFM2Go team couldn’t keep up. In a true display of community spirit, farmers and vendors helped each other pack boxes, and a call for volunteers went out. Students from the local high school and Acadia University showed up in droves.

The Wolfville Farmers’ Market saw a 64‑percent increase in volunteer hours from 2019 to 2020. Also contributing to the market’s success was the growing interest in supporting local businesses during the pandemic. Says Lindsay Clowes, WFM2Go’s manager, “It shows the resilience of the market and the ability of our community to help each other out.”

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