Destination: Delicious Québec


With its passion for food and drink and its unique regional delights, Québec offers a culinary travel experience all its own. Here’s where to go, and what to relish, for a taste of the local bounty.

Artisanal Cheese in Charlevoix

The Charlevoix region offers so much for epicureans to discover that it warrants its very own Flavour Trail. From Petite–Rivière–Saint–François to La Malbaie, you can visit local makers and sources of organic meats, chocolates and dairy products. Cheese lovers would be hard–pressed to find a more delicious getaway, especially if it includes tastings at Maison d’affinage Maurice Dufour (home of the renowned Migneron de Charlevoix) and Laiterie Charlevoix (Cheese making ÉCONOMUSÉE®). At both, you can have a guided tour of the ripening cellars, then stock up on your favourite fromages before you go.

November 1, 2019
Three signs shaped like arrows in the foreground, with a green landscape in the background. They read, in descending order, Fromagerie, Boutique and Restaurant

Specialty Cider in Montérégie

Maple syrup isn’t Québec’s only liquid gold; the province is also a rich source of refreshing cider. Located just across from Montréal is the Montérégie region, which brims with cider houses, many specializing in an invented–in–Québec variation: ice cider. Similar to how ice wine is produced using grapes frozen on the vine, this sweet drink is made from the juice of apples frozen outside – credit the region’s winter climes. To try it for yourself, make your way to Domaine Cartier–Potelle and Domaine De Lavoie, both at the foot of Mont Rougemont, where you can sip ice cider while gazing upon breathtaking views. Save time to visit Cidrerie Michel Jodoin, too: The family–run heritage orchard, which dates back over a century, offers an irresistible array of sparkling ciders and spirits.

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An autumn landscape in Quebec; in the distance is a hill with many trees of orange and green, and buildings at the base of it

Fine Wine in the Eastern Townships

If fermented grape juice is your preferred way to enjoy fruit, imbibe your way through Québec’s picturesque Eastern Townships. Not only does this popular all–season destination offer some of Canada’s best cycling, skiing and hiking, but it’s also celebrated for its organic produce, farm–to–table restaurants and Wine Route. Stop by Le Vignoble du Ruisseau, an innovative vineyard that uses a special geothermal system to keep grapes warm during the cold climate. Other wineries worthy of a tasting include Vignoble de l’Orpailleur, Vine and Wine ÉCONOMUSÉE®, which has more than 100 international accolades, and Val Caudalies, which makes wines, ciders and the first crafted–in–Québec vermouth.

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