Fill Up on Our Best Food Stories

We’ve rounded up some of the best food–filled reads from our archives, which will have you sampling dim sum in unexpected locales in Richmond, B.C., and picnicking with Maori foragers on New Zealand’s North Island. Dig in!

April 30, 2020
night shot of the underwater restaurant with the window light glowing under water coming out green in the water
   Photo: Jeremy Koreski

At Under, the World’s Largest Underwater Restaurant, Dinner Is Served with a Side of Marine Science


Under opened just over a year ago and, in addition to presenting sublime plates of seaweed and cod loin, chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard and in–house scientific advisor Trond Rafoss use their location, submerged five–and–half metres below the North Sea, to engage guests in ocean health. Dip below the surface in Norway with writer Sasha Chapman and photographer Jeremy Koreski, who travelled to the country’s southern coast in the fall of 2019 for this feature. (While closed due to Covid–19, Under has broadcast live concerts against the blue–green backdrop of their underwater dining room. And good news: the restaurant has announced they will reopen as of May 7.)

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Picture taken from above of different bowls of sauces
   Photo: John Cullen

A Mole– and Mezcal–Fuelled Tour of Oaxaca


Before opening their Toronto restaurant Queztal in 2018, chefs Julio Guajardo and Kate Chomyshyn travelled to Oaxaca for one of many research trips. Writer Katherine Laidlaw tagged along and helped them sample charcoal–seared tuna tacos, goat barbacoa and moles in every shade. (Guajardo and Chomyshyn have since left Queztal, and the restaurant is currently closed.)

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Picture taken from above; hand holding chopsticks reaching out for food in hot pot bowl
   Photo: John Cullen

Why Taiwan is a Vegetarian’s Haven


Taiwan has one of the largest concentrations of vegetarians on the planet, and this meant that most of the meals writer Bert Archer ate there were meatless. Tour the lush green isle with him and get a taste of the best dishes – from soy–milk broth hot pots bursting with fresh produce to bite–sized jackfruit pizzas.

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A table with Dim sum plates with someone's hang holding bright green chopsticks reaching out for a green sauce.
   Photo: Andrew Querner

The Best Asian Food in Richmond, B.C., is in Parking Garages and Car Washes


This city located within the Greater Vancouver area is known for its summer night market, where more than 100 vendors hawk eats like pan–fried squid and matcha bao ice cream sandwiches. But it’s also home to many bricks–and–mortar Asian restaurants – many of which are found in “hidden” locations. In 2018, we did the (barbecued pork) legwork so you don’t have to. (Szechuan Delicious Restaurant and HK B.B.Q. Master are currently open.)

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Shot of a cook's Maori tattooed arm grilling food
   Photo: John Laurie

Meet the Chefs and Foragers Behind New Zealand’s Maori Food Renaissance


Last year Wellington restaurant Hiakai made it onto Time’s list of World’s Greatest Places 2019. Chef–owner Monique Fiso has rapidly become the face of the Maori food movement, which extends from forager–led tours in fern–filled forests to food truck owners creating modern hangi dishes. Writer Sarah Treleaven and photographer John Laurie crisscrossed the North Island in fall 2019 to meet the major players.

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