Score the Best Food in Canada’s NHL Arenas


We travelled to all seven NHL arenas across the country and found that hockey snacks hit close to home.

Vancouver Canucks

Sportsbar Sushi Roll

In Vancouver, where the surrounding waters offer fresh sockeye salmon, albacore tuna and more, sushi is obvious hockey–watching fare. Nearly 10 percent of the city’s restaurants are sushi spots, and the California roll was invented here. Rogers Arena’s own Canucks Roll sees spicy tuna and cucumber topped with smoked sockeye and mustard sauce, while the Sportsbar Roll is filled with sockeye, seaweed salad, pickled cabbage, cucumber and avocado, then finished with flame–seared spicy tuna.

Available at the Sportsbar (via section 301)

February 25, 2020
A plate of Canucks Rolls and the bleachers at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver


Vancouver Canucks


Stan Smyl, captain of the Canucks for eight seasons (1982–1990), was known as “the Steamer” thanks to his dogged style on the ice. As a salute to one of the greatest Canucks of all time – his retired #12 jersey hangs in the rafters at Rogers Arena – the Steamers’ concession stands offer eight hot dog varieties, including the Chili Cheese Dog with jalapeño cheese sauce and housemade chili, and the Glendon Dog, a nod to Smyl’s Alberta hometown, topped with mini perogies, sauerkraut, sour cream and chives.

Steamers locations are in sections 120 and 330

Steamers at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver


Calgary Flames


The arena in the heart of Cowtown has plenty of beefy options on offer, notably burgers made with a blend of Alberta–raised brisket and chuck, but there’s another by–product from the celebrated livestock that’s prized at the Dome. Made in partnership with local ice–cream producer Foothills Creamery, the soft–serve malt is chocolate–forward with a hint of cinnamon – Calgarians line up for the velvety treat at every game, even when it’s minus 40 outside.

Available at Ice Cream locations (sections 210, 213, 224 and 227)

A cup of Foothills malt and the Scotiabank Saddledome arena in Calgary


Calgary Flames

Flames Spicy Burger

You could go with a classic cheeseburger, but in the house of the Flames, it just makes sense to turn up the heat. The Saddledome’s Burgers & Brew stands’ Flames Spicy Burger starts with the signature brisket and chuck patty, which is then sandwiched in a housemade brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, crispy fried jalapeños, ancho aioli and jalapeño jack cheese.

Burgers & Brew locations are in sections 215 and 227

The Flames Spicy Burger served at the Scotiabank Saddledome arena in Calgary


Winnipeg Jets

Jumbo Jet Dog

You won’t walk very far in Bell MTS Place before hitting a Jumbo Jet Dog stand. The foot–long all–beef dogs from Winkler Meats, a producer in nearby Winkler, Manitoba, are loaded with your choice of toppings, from perogy pieces to chili, and tucked inside a fresh bun from Winnipeg’s Kub Bakery. The dogs are such a fan favourite that they’re often served at community events outside the arena.

Jumbo Jet Dog locations are in sections 100, 105, 119, 312, 326 and Atrium Level

A Jumbo Jet Dog and the blue seats at the Bell MTS Place arena


Winnipeg Jets

Wrap Around Dog

Native to Prairie grasslands, bison have long been an important resource for communities in Manitoba. Today, there are more than 50 commercial producers raising bison in the province, and you can taste the lean protein at Bell MTS Place. Winnipeg Old Country Sausage makes the bison smokie used in the Wrap Around Dog – it’s stuffed with local Bothwell cheddar, wrapped in bacon, swirled in pastry and served with cheese sauce for dipping.

Available at Aviators’ Grill locations (sections 103, 116 and 314)

The Wrap Around Dog is served in a box at the Bell MTS Place arena in Winnipeg


Edmonton Oilers

Perogy Nachos

When the Canadian government began offering Prairie farmland to settlers in the early 1900s, Ukrainians were among the first to arrive – and they brought their love of perogies with them. The potato–filled dumplings are common at gatherings across Alberta, but at Rogers Place they’ve been transformed into the ultimate game–day snack, layered with cheese sauce, cheddar shavings, bacon, green onion, red pepper and sour cream.

Available at Heritage Eats (section 230) and Molson Fan Deck (section 107)

Perogy nachos on a plate and the orange dining booths at the Rogers Place arena in Edmonton


Edmonton Oilers

Roast Prime Rib Sandwich

With the largest provincial share of cattle ranches and farms in the country (more than 12,000), Alberta is known for beef. So, it’s no surprise that this slow–roasted prime rib sandwich – slices of AAA beef piled high on an onion bun with horseradish mayo and dill pickles – is one of the most popular items at Rogers Place.

Available at Alberta Cuts (section 210) and Molson Fan Deck (section 107)

The Roast Prime Rib Sandwich served at the Rogers Place arena in Edmonton


Ottawa Senators

Elgin St. Mojo Chicken Shawarma

Marroush, reportedly Ottawa’s first shawarma shop, opened on Elgin Street in 1990, kicking off what is now a concentration of spots serving up the Middle Eastern wraps in the city’s downtown core. At the Canadian Tire Centre, a Cuban spin has been added to the fork–ready version of the Ottawa favourite, with spit–roasted chicken marinated in citrus mojo sauce stuffed in a cone with pita pieces, lettuce, tomato, onion and beet–pickled turnips, then garnished with crunchy plantain chips.

Available at ByTown Grill (section 119)

Elgin St. Mojo Chicken Shawarma and the outside wall of the Canadian Tire Centre arena in Ottawa


Ottawa Senators

Candied Bacon Grilled Cheese

This is a grilled cheese fit for the nation’s capital: house–smoked Ontario bacon is tossed in Quebec maple syrup and brown sugar and slow roasted until candied, then sandwiched with local St–Albert cheddar in between slices of sweet butter–slathered Texas toast and grilled until crisp.

Available in Club Seats

A gif of Candied Bacon Grilled Cheese disappearing off of it's wrapper


Toronto Maple Leafs

Classic Mac

For 50 years, the Cheese Boutique has been a destination in Toronto’s west end, offering a vast selection from its vault (the world’s largest log of provolone is in there). Now, the emporium, led by second–generation maître fromager Afrim Pristine, has teamed up with the Scotiabank Arena on the Mac & Cheese Boutique, where the Classic Mac features ventagli noodles tangled in a creamy blend of emmental, local mozzarella and Thornloe white cheddar.

Available at the Mac & Cheese Boutique (section 102)

A bowl of classic mac 'n' cheese and the blue and yellow chairs at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto


Toronto Maple Leafs

Beyond Burger

The Leafs haven’t always donned white and blue: From 1919 to 1927, Torontonians cheered for the St. Pats, whose green–and–white jerseys still make an appearance from time to time on the current roster. Riffing on the former team name made perfect sense for the burger joint in the Scotiabank Arena: At St. Patties, burger choices range from a classic beef patty topped with bacon and maple aioli, to the Beyond Burger served on a vegan sesame seed–topped bun with crisp lettuce, tomato and onion, and a secret vegan sauce.

St. Patties is located in section 122

A spinning Beyond Burger found at the Toronto Scotiabank Arena


Montreal Canadiens

The Championne Poutine

Go big or go home: This monstrous five–pound poutine is not for the faint of heart. Classic fries, gravy and cheese curds mingle with nine other ingredients, including pogos, onion rings and pulled pork. It’s a hefty concession item at $50 a pop, but it could all be worth it if you finish it in 60 minutes or less and get immortalized on the Championne Wall of Fame. (If a classic poutine is more your speed, they have that, too.)

Available at HABSburger in M2 Marché–Montréal

A gif of the construction of the Championne Poutine
The bright red chairs at the Bell Centre of Montreal


Montreal Canadiens

Grilled Hot Dogs

When the Habs moved out of the Forum, widely considered the most storied building in hockey history, in 1996, not all was left behind. The original toasters which brown the buns that wrap around the organization’s legendary hot dogs, are still used at the Bell Centre today, in private suites including the alumni lounge. The beloved dogs are available throughout the arena, dressed simply with your choice of mustard, ketchup and relish.

Le Hot–Dog and La Classique locations are in sections 102, 112, 117, 120, 121, 301, 303, 313, 324, 328, 331 and on the parterre

Grilled hot dogs with mustard served at the Bell Centre in Montreal