7 Oversized Foods Around the World to Try

From local specialties to Instagrammable novelties, these menu items cater to the more–is–more crowd. Come with an appetite – and at least a friend or two.

October 25, 2019
Two Indian chefs hold a 70-mm dosa
   Photo: Lens and Light, Balan Madhavan, Alamy Stock Photo
  1. Have a massive “70mm dosa” in Hyderabad, India. The size in the name is non–literal: A nod to the film format, “70 mm” has become a local synonym for extra–wide.

  2. Sample a ttung–caron (“fatcaron”) in South Korea. Available at patisseries like SomSom Bakery in Seoul, it’s a trendy local twist on the traditionally slim French macaron– made with a generously inflated cream–filled middle.

A woman holding a giant rainbow coloured cotton candy
   Photo: Ana Lia De la Quintana Nuñez
  1. Get your sugar fix with a nearly two–foot column of cotton candy at Tokyo’s aptly named Long! Longer!! Longest!!! The Harajuku spot is the sister of Totti Candy Factory, which specializes in its own massive clouds of pastel rainbow candy floss.

  2. Order a Mexico City machete, a hefty, blade–shaped quesadilla popularized in street stalls and restaurants. At Los Machetes Amparito, the two–foot–long specialty – made to order, with your choice of fillings – often commands lengthy lines.

  3. Dig into a mega ice cream sundae– elaborately designed for Instagram – in Bangkok. The Strawberry Supreme at Mo & Moshi is all you can eat, and then some: 22 scoops, to be exact.

A woman wearing a blue kimono serves a grilled giant tuna head
   Photo: Japan Travel
  1. Expect to share the maguro no kabuto–yaki in Kanagawa, Japan. At Misakikan Honten restaurant, the grilled giant tuna head – from fish tipping the scales at up to 100 kg – can serve a party of eight to 20.

  2. Tuck into a two–pound, “Texas–sized” pastry from Round Rock Donuts in the everything’s–bigger–here state. Regionally famous since the 1990s, the donuts at this Round Rock bakery are rolled, cut, fried and iced by hand.

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