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Since 1992, Première Moisson has pioneered artisanal baking in Quebec, producing breads whose mere aroma can magically transport you to the Old World. But the secret behind these delicious breads – made to exacting standards from unbleached flours that are never chemically treated – is not magic: It’s based on quality, authenticity and expertise.

“For us, authenticity is the result of a multilevel process, and quality ingredients were always part of Première Moisson’s DNA,” says Manon Kirouac, director of marketing, communications and digital strategy, who also notes that sustainable development is essential to the company.

September 2, 2021
A field of wheat in the sun

10,000: Number of hectares of arable land converted to Agriculture Raisonnée™ (sustainable agriculture) since 2007 – about the size of Paris.

At Première Moisson, sustainability begins with local ingredients. Since 2007, the company has worked with Quebec mill Les Moulins de Soulanges for all its wheat–based breads, adhering to the Agriculture Raisonnée™ (sustainable agriculture) practice, whereby baker, miller and over 300 farmers produce high–quality flour as naturally as possible.

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Neglected for more than 100 years, locally grown wheat has made a comeback thanks to the tireless efforts of this homegrown company and its partners. And one taste is all it takes to fall in love.