Best Vegan Fast Food in Toronto


This isn’t your ordinary list of fast–food spots that serve the odd vegan dish – it’s a roundup of local restaurants that specialize in quick plant–based fare.

We love a good sit–down vegan restaurant, but sometimes we just want something to go. And while we could easily give you a list of fast food chains that have vegan dishes (we’re looking at you, brown bear in an orange outfit!) or vegan fast food options at locally owned takeout spots (like falafel at a shawarma shop), this vegan fast–food list focuses on local Toronto restos that specialize in speedy plant–based grub, so you never have to Google “vegan fast food options near me” again.

August 11, 2021
vegan fast food at Odd Burger
Odd Burger
  1. Odd Burger – 

    Formerly called Globally Local, this resto is the world’s first publicly traded vegan fast–food company. It has locations in Windsor, Vaughan and on College Street (at Bathurst) in Toronto. It seems they are onto something, as four more locations are set to open in the next few months, including another in Toronto on Broadview. The menu has everything you would expect from a regular burger and fries joint, but with a vegan spin — from burgers to “chicken” to fast food vegan ice cream. They have gained quite the fan base, with almost 25,000 followers on Instagram and big goals for growth, including a total of 20 new locations planned in the next year alone, including a spot in New York City.

Vegan fast food Ital Vital
Ital Vital
  1. Ital Vital – 

    This Scarborough institution at Pharmacy and Eglinton has been serving 100 percent vegan eats in Toronto for the past 10 years. (“Ital” is a strict vegan diet followed by some in the Rastafari movement and “vital” is a symbol of vitality and health.) On the menu you can expect everything from burgers, cauliflower wings and vegan fish and chips to Caribbean meals that include a base of quinoa, brown rice, Rasta–pasta and split peas roti with your choice of stews (like curry chickpeas, callaloo and pumpkin). They have a very small outdoor space if you want to stick around, but most folks take it to go.

Vegan fast food from Veggie DLight
Veggie DLight
  1. Veggie D’Light – 

    Toronto has such a large vegan community and Caribbean community that it’s no surprise there are two popular vegan fast–food restaurants here serving the bold flavours of Caribbean cuisine. Located in Kensington Market, Veggie D’Light serves roti, soup, pizza, jerk seitan and more. All ingredients are organic, as well as GMO– and nut–free. If you’re craving vegan fast food at home, they offer meal plans, too. All you have to do is heat up the individually packaged menu items when you want a night off from cooking. They are on most of the popular food delivery apps, but we recommend stopping in Kensington if you can (the staff are so sweet).

vegan fast food from Good Grains
Golden Curry entree at Good Grains
  1. Good Grains – 

    Located on Dundas Street West near the Humber River, Good Grains’ menu spans a wide variety of cuisines: from a Thai veggie medley with a peanut–coconut sauce to Mediterranean hummus and curry. They also have to–go frozen sundaes. Torontonians love this place (if their 4.9–star rating on Google is any indication). They offer delivery, but if you’re in the west end of Toronto, there is some limited seating available and a vast amount of green space nearby (vegan fast–food picnic anyone?!). They also offer frozen versions of many of their vegan entrees for in–home dining.

vegan  food from Bar Vangandale
Bar Vegandale   Photo: Alejandra Phillion, Blind Faith Photography
  1. Bar Vegandale – 

    While technically a sit–down bar with a patio, the menu at this Queen West spot screams vegan fast food. Doomie’s, a popular vegan chain in Los Angeles that used to have their own Toronto locale, are the folks serving up the vegan cuisine inside the bar. They serve more than 10 different types of vegan burgers (including one called the Peanut Butter Bacon), as well as vegan fried chicken, French fries, shakes and desserts (like fried Oreos with ice cream). Their Instagram feed (with over 10,000 followers and counting) will constantly have you asking yourself: “Wait, that’s vegan?!” Grab a quick bite at the bar or opt for pickup or delivery.

vegan meal from Toronto's Parka Food
Sides spread at Parka Food Co
  1. Parka Food Co. – 

    It’s easy to order vegan fast food when you visit this little gem at Queen and Spadina, where their menu is 100 percent plant–based. Popular orders include burgers (from spicy black bean to buffalo tofu steaks), mac and cheese, bowls, fries and even spaghetti! They also sell homemade sodas, as well as vegan sauces and seasonings that you can take home. We love the meaning behind the oh–so Canadian name too: “park” represents nature and the natural world and a “parka” screams comfort (so: “natural comfort” food). There is some limited seating available, but they offer delivery and takeout as well.