Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth —

For the far-out business digs

900 blvd. René-Lévesque O.,

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

When they refreshed the 950-room hotel, Sid Lee Architecture also got down to business with conference facilities, paying homage to the property’s swinging-’60s origin story. Most boardrooms are filled with natural light and whimsical touches (Ping-Pong-ball artwork and canary-yellow beaded curtains), but the Eureka room would be appropriate for world domination. Black leather chairs, a round table lit by a stark halo and 16 curved screens for 180-degree video calls fuel creativity and Dr. Strangelove aspirations. Toast the day’s work with a Dubonnet cocktail (the Queen’s drink of choice) with gin and orange bitters, served on an actual silver platter and chilled with an E-stamped ice cube, at the street-level Nacarat Bar.

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