Ski All Year Round on the World’s Largest Clean Energy Powerplant


Surrounded by sweeping views of Copenhagen, you feel the rush of the wind as you carve down the silicone–covered hill to the base where, instead of a ski chalet, you find yourself at the largest clean–waste–to–energy powerplant in the world. 

CopenHill, also known as Amager Bakke, opened in October 2019 and is located on the city's industrial waterfront. The facility converts 440,000 tons of waste into clean energy annually making it the  “the cleanest waste–to–energy plant in the world.” And it’s not just for skiers: With the option to run, hike, climb or ski, CopenHill is an 85–metre high recreational area that offers urban residents access to mountain sports for every fitness level, all year round.

August 4, 2020
Two skiers talk to an instructor at the base of CopehnHill
   Photo: Amélie Louys
Aerial view of CopenHill in Copenhagen
   Photo: Max Mestour, Amélie Louys

The structure was designed by renowned Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) who are responsible for other notable landmarks in the city including the highly acclaimed restaurant noma, VM Houses/The Mountain – a residential space in Copenhagen’s southern neighbourhood of Ørestaden – and other urban parks like Superkilen and Urban Rigger. In Billund, Denmark, they created a mixed–use space, LEGO House, that celebrates the Danish innovation. They have also created innovative residential projects internationally including the VIA 57 West that overlooks the Hudson River in New York City and the Hualien in Taiwan that evokes the feeling of mountains and nature in its fluid design.

A group of people descending the stairs at CopenHill
   Photo: Ehrhorn Hummerston
Skiers head uphill on the right while pedestrians take the stairs to the left on CopenHill
   Photo: Ehrhorn Hummerston

The ski slope itself was constructed from a plastic that is covered by a thin layer of silicone that creates the ideal level of friction and traction to allow you to ski down the tree–lined slopes. CopenHill has four ski hills that vary in difficulty allowing skiers at every level to enjoy this one–of–a–kind experience. For non–skiers, there are trails inspired by Scandinavian nature and the tallest climbing wall in the world soaring up to 80 metres high (climbing certification required). To unwind, the viewing deck at the top of the building offers panoramic views of Copenhagen and the Øresund or you can fuel up between runs at the café at the bottom of the slope.