Inside the Carry–on of Photographer Cristina Mittermeier

The Vancouver Island–based photographer and co–founder of SeaLegacy shows us her expedition–ready essentials.

March 25, 2020
A set of bamboo utensils
Time magazine

Bamboo utensils These help me to avoid single–use plastic. I’ve seen a shocking amount washed up on beaches, even in remote, protected areas like Cuba’s Gardens of the Queen.

Magazines Part of conservation photography is making science more accessible to policymakers. Time is my barometer for world politics, and I enjoy reading it from back to front.

A Nauticam case for cameras

Camera housing This impermeable Nauticam case is essential for shooting underwater, and the dome port lets me take split shots that simultaneously capture what’s above and beneath the waves.

12 SD cards lined up in a rectangle
A dive computer on a wristband

SD cards I take up to 100,000 pictures on an expedition, which I upload to two lightweight drives – unless I lose an SD card overboard while photographing lobster divers in Honduras.

Dive computer This device monitors my depth and calculates how long my safety stops need to be. It also records my diving history. My deepest descent was 55 metres, off the Yucatán coast.