11 Trips Our Editors Are Dreaming of Taking in 2021


It was not a year for crossing big trips off our bucket lists, or meeting up with family and friends in faraway places for reunions, weddings and gatherings. But 2020 was the year for campouts and road trips, for discovering underrated gems close to home and for exploring all that Canada has to offer. It was the year of finding new ways to travel the world at home – largely through screens, but via podcasts and books and recipes, too. It also gave us time to reminisce about trips past and reflect on what’s important to us when we’re ready to venture way out again. Now, as we prepare to leave 2020 behind, we’re dreaming about where 2021 may take us – and we’re thinking big. Here are the trips that we here at Air Canada enRoute are planning next.

December 31, 2020


Dominique Lamberton, senior editor

Rock formations off the coast of Sicily
   Photo: Flo P.

 “This was going to be a big year. My husband and I had a 180–guest wedding set for August, followed by two weeks exploring Sicily – beach hopping, discovering natural wineries, climbing Mount Etna (the highest volcano in Europe) and eating our weight in fresh seafood, arancini and cannoli. The wedding went ahead with 15 of our nearest and dearest, followed by three days at my husband’s family’s cabin in Nelson, British Columbia. Both our wee wedding and mini–moon were incredible, and a much–needed bright spot in 2020, but we are still thinking about Sicily. As soon as we can, we will book the honeymoon we dreamed of, kicking it off with a couple nights at a countryside property like Susafa or Country House Villadorata, to do nothing but lounge by the pool and sip aperitivos.”


Sydney Loney, content director

Lush green hills of Ecuador
   Photo: Reiseuhu

“So many postponed trips to choose from! First on the books is a delayed family ski trip to Banff (The mountains! The fresh powder! The fondue!). But then, I have my sights set on the equator – specifically, Ecuador. I want to lose myself in the rainforest at the glass–walled Mashpi Lodge, then return to civilization with a trip to the colonial capital of Quito, exploring its architectural feats, new and old, by day and its burgeoning culinary scene at night: empanada at Somos, plantain gnocchi at Terra – I can’t wait.”


Ari Magnusson, associate editor

Zebra crossing the road in Rwanda
   Photo: Kim Becker

“After almost 12 months of a stationary existence, 2021 will be the year of a faraway adventure. For me, Rwanda fits the bill – it’s small, mountainous and packed full of spellbinding scenery and wildlife. My perfect itinerary involves hiking through the Virunga volcanoes for face–to–face encounters with Silverback Gorillas, spotting zebras, lions and elephants in Akagera National Park, and topping it all off with a few days of relaxation by Lake Kivu, maybe even grabbing a beer and watching the sun go down from a bar terrace overlooking the shoreline.”


Lori Morgan, photo editor

People enjoying the thermal baths in Iceland
   Photo: Benjamin Rascoe

“Hopefully 2021 will be the year my husband and I return to Iceland, this time with the kids in tow. This magical island, brimming with waterfalls, geysers and glaciers, lives up to its reputation as the ‘Land of Fire and Ice.’ The first stop will be floating the day away at the Blue Lagoon, while covered in a silica mud bath. We’ll head to the south coast and visit Reynisfjara for its black sand beaches and a landscape sci–fi enough to serve as the setting for a Star Wars film. We also can’t wait to stroll the winding streets of Reykjavik, stopping in at our favourite mid–century style cafes.”


Alexis Ramlall, editorial assistant

The bright shopping scene of Tokyo
   Photo: Jezael Melgoza

“As a future grad of the class of 2021, my gift to myself will be a trip to Japan. Racing around the city playing real–life Mario Kart and visiting the Tokyo Disney Resort are just a few activities on my Japan bucket list, not to mention trying all the mouth–watering street food, including the fritter–like ‘octopus balls’ known as takoyaki.”

Naples, Florida

Gabrielle Simpson, senior graphic designer

Palm trees under a starry sky in Naples, Florida
   Photo: Alex Perez

“My friend’s wedding in Naples, Florida, was postponed due to the pandemic but I’m optimistic about making the trip next year. The big day will be held at The Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club but I’m also looking forward to exploring the Naples Botanical Garden (to satisfy the plant–lady in me) and indulging in a seafood feast at Sea Salt Naples. To cap off the trip, I’d love to spend a few days driving down to the Florida Keys for more sunny adventures.”

New Zealand

Malcolm Gilderdale, executive editor, digital

A quaint cottage by a pond in the rolling hills of New Zealand
   Photo: Constantino Co

“I am hoping 2021 is the year I finally make it to New Zealand, after many years of dreaming about it. The obsession took hold two decades ago, during my first viewing of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. I’ve travelled to visit film locations before (see: dragging my then–fiancée around Vienna to recreate every scene in Before Sunrise), but the thought of standing in landscapes my nerdy heart already knows – this time with my two young kids – is, well, precious.”


Jacinthe Dupuis, senior editor

Snorkeling with the fish in the warm waters of Cuba
   Photo: Ruben Ortega

“I’m turning 40 in 2021 and hope to celebrate in Cuba, where I can treat myself to long snorkeling sessions around Cayo Santa Maria, one of the best snorkeling spots in the world – while my partner cycles the roads he once trained on as a younger racer. We’ll also spend some quality time catching up on our water–loving toddler’s swimming lessons, suspended during the pandemic. We’ll top the trip with a stay at the restored Gran Hotel Bristol in Havana, a symbol of the city’s artistic and bohemian history.”


Claire Sibonney, contributing editor

A town in Morocco nestled between palm trees and desert mountains
   Photo: Mari Potter

“I had planned to be in Morocco this fall for a family homecoming with my twin sister and our parents, who were both born in Casablanca. I was there for the first time on a solo trip and story assignment last year and started plotting a nostalgic return from the moment I got there. I can’t wait for my mother and father to walk me through every childhood memory, but also the chance to introduce them to the wonders they never experienced – like listening to the transcendental sound of live Gnawa music, sitting on top of a dune in Merzouga to watch the sun come up, or floating above the Red City of Marrakech in a hot air balloon.”


Nancy Kovacs, product and content manager

People enjoying the outdoor baths of Hungary on a sunny day
   Photo: Victor Malyushev

“I’d love to finally trace my Hungarian roots back to Budapest. I’m longing to relax in the renowned thermal baths, soak up some culture at the National Museum and commemorate the trip over a glass of local white wine. The trip also wouldn’t be complete without a taste of authentic goulash from one of the many market halls and a river cruise along the Danube.”

Costa Rica

Monica Ferguson, editorial assistant

Aerial view of Costa Rica's luxurious beach escapes
   Photo: Atanas Malamov

“I’ve been longing to visit the lush rainforest and sandy beaches of Costa Rica for a long time, and 2021 will be the year I live the pura vida. I’ll spend my mornings devouring fruit bowls and doing sunny savasanas on the Caribbean coastline of Nosara. During the afternoons, I’ll go scuba diving in the Cano Island Biological Reserve or visit the orphaned monkeys at theSibu Sanctuary. I may even try taking a surf lesson or two, fueled by pure adrenaline in thePlaya Hermosa waters.”