Frank & Oak Co–Founder Ethan Song’s Guide to London —

Explore the trend–setting shops and 24–hour bagels of Shoreditch.


My job requires that I understand not only where the fashion industry is going, but also how global culture, style and technology are evolving. So I typically travel to London twice a year because it’s a great place to discover trends. It’s a vibrant city culturally, and Shoreditch is at the forefront of that – it’s a mix of the past and the future. Once a working–class neighbourhood of factories and workshops, it’s now the best place to stay if you’re into music, art or fashion. It has an independent, creative spirit, and many immigrants and young people from all over have moved here, which makes for interesting cultural exchanges.

August 29, 2019
  1. Goodhood has been in Shoreditch longer than many of the other shops, and it’s a trendsetter. You can find high–end fashion, such as Comme des Garçons, but also skateboard–scene stuff and casual clothing. They have a real eye for choosing the right products, and I’m also inspired by the creative community around the shop.

  2. The Hoxton is a beautiful, high–end hotel with modern British touches: big leather chairs, rustic chandeliers, clean details. It also has a really happening lobby bar. On a Saturday night, when it’s full, you’re immersed in the energy of London as soon as you walk in.

  3. London Shuffle Club looks like hipster heaven, with street art murals surrounding the rooftop bar. It’s part of the comeback of social clubs – you can play shuffleboard with a date or friends – and they serve a variety of local craft brews.

  4. The Cocktail Trading Co. has a 1920s Prohibition feel, with a dreamy Wes Anderson vibe. It’s highly designed, from the wood panelling to the eclectic glassware. I’m a classic type of guy, so I order a negroni – they do a great one.

  5. Beigel Bake is an institution. This bagel shop on Brick Lane, one of the coolest streets in East London, is open 24/7. I personally think Montreal bagels are better, but it’s not just about the food – you will find the most interesting characters there at 4 a.m.