Found: Colourful Canned Sardines in Portugal


Art director Stefanie Sosiak brings back tons of tins of fish.

Collectively, the Air Canada enRoute team has amassed a trove of treasures from our travels – some iconic (tiles from Lisbon), others delicious (dulce de leche from Buenos Aires) and all reflective of the places we’ve been. We’re sharing them here – please share yours, too!

“A kaleidoscope of colours greeted me when I entered Loja das Conservas, the largest canned seafood shop in Porto. Each canning company’s history is explained as you walk alongside the white tiled walls, but – typical designer – I turned giddy at the sight of the charming packaging created for these little tins. So I was stuck: Pick for look, or for taste? The store clerk guided me through the many choices, and together we packed a whole box with rainbow–hued tins to satisfy both my esthetic and culinary tastes, like these Porthos and Pinhais varieties filled with sardines in tomato sauce and olive oil. Now bring on the fresh bread and red wine.”

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June 8, 2020