How We Travel Now: 5 Emerging Travel Trends of 2021


This year’s challenges have created a demand for novel, limited–time opportunities and out–of–the way experiences designed for those of us who want to travel ahead of – or away from – the rest of the pack. Here are five emerging trends to help you plan your next trip.

December 29, 2020
Walking along the beach with a surfboard in British Columbia
   Photo: Jeremy Koreski

Working Remotely

Being a digital nomad once meant being self–employed, and few companies allowed remote working before Covid–19 hit. But with millions now working from their living rooms and basements, cabin fever has set in and many are craving an escape. Here’s how some employees are blending life and travel.

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Aux Box Muskoka chalet in Ontario
   Photo: Melissa Payne Riel


Even before Covid–19 sidelined international travel plans, Canadians were seeking short getaways closer to home – also known as micro–escapes. Here are three to try this winter.

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Backpacking in Italy
   Photo: Timo Stern

Slow Travel

If fast travel is a race, slow travel is a journey, both internal and external. Capturing the essence of a place and understanding what makes its people tick can’t be done simply by reading everything online ahead of time, having a set schedule and rushing around to check things off as you go. Here are five ways to slow it down.

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Exquisite views from the Ritz-Carlton, Nikko in Japan
   Photo: Ritz-Carlton Nikko

Safer Hotel Stays

From contactless check–in and private dining rooms to completely customizable suites, here’s how some of the safest hotels are adapting to the pandemic and what you need to know before booking a stay.

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Camp Sarika at Amangiri in southern Utah
   Photo: Amangiri

Off the Beaten Path

Whether you’ve decided to go solo or are booking with your bubble, here are some lesser–known locales and under–the–radar ways to escape the crowds.

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